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Rapidly Growing Data Storage Needs?

The Situation

Is your data storage growing rapidly? The storage of unstructured data has been growing at an astonishing rate of 50% every year, currently 90% of the world's data is created in the last 2 years. Due to the rapid growth, many firms may find budgets and infrastructure struggling to keep up.

Traditionally, data storage like many of components of a firm's IT infrastructure goes through cycles of pain. Slowing and unwieldy service that is resolved through the upgrading of equipment and migration of data only to have to go through that cycle in a few years again.

A well thought through data storage strategy is key to staying on top of the game.

The Solution

Traditionally, storage We are a feature-rich managed service provider for cloud storage and repository. We , creating customizable solution based on the customer's needs. Our systems are future-proof, scalable and flexible. We ensure the data stored is fully secure

Our Technology

Product Feature

At 1byte, we ensure your data is kept safe using award-winning object storage technology from Cloudian. It is the ideal hybrid cloud solution. Scaling out your data storage needs has never been easier. No more worries about migration or data loss.

Product Feature

1. Unlimited number of users

2. No download charges. Retrieve your data anytime without worrying about getting a bill shock

3. Know exactly where your data is stored

4. Access your data easily. Support for SMB, WebDAV and 100% native S3 APIs

5. Free NAS migration support